Interior Design

Art as Design Element

Integrating art into the interior design process can be beneficial in multiple ways.  The selection and placement of artwork can emphasize strong design elements or alter the perception of the proportions of the space.  Art can bring an accent to the room.

Art can also introduce colours into your space, which becomes an inspiration for your room’s colour palette.

Choosing the perfect piece and displaying it correctly is an art in itself. Do not hang it too high – painting should be at eye level.

When you think of displaying groups of art or photography the key of success is to have a plan in place before you start hanging anything.  You should first lay all of the pieces out in the desired arrangement on the floor, deciding which piece will serve as the anchor in the center of the arrangement.   Secondly, take a photo of the arrangement.  Then you can transfer your gallery on to the wall starting with the anchor piece.

Source: Pinterest