Interior Design

Helpful Tips on Redesigning your Bathroom

When it comes to deciding on your bathroom look, the functionality should be just as important as look and design.

If you’re in the process of redesigning your bathroom, think about the following:

Have you thought about lighting?  You need great lighting to apply your make-up, for shaving, etc.  Sconces mounted on the sides of your mirror illuminate the best, avoid downcast lighting (having dark circles amplified does no one any favours :)).

Adding low-level floor lighting can be very practical to provide a low-glare pathway of light at night.

Be led by functionality more than looks when choosing the basin! Some basins can appear very sculptural and beautiful.  But you don’t want to end up with water all over the counter every time you wash your face.

Be practical!  A towel rail needs to be close to the shower/bath.  (You don’t want to have to walk to the other side of the room.)

Make sure you have plenty of storage: cupboard, shelves, build-in cabinetry. Your bathroom can quickly become messy and cluttered with so many lotions, potions, and bathroom necessities.

What is your focal point? For example, you can place a bath at the centre stage.  (It is the bath, not the loo, should be the first thing you see when you walk into a room.)

The bathroom must achieve perfect harmony between reality and fantasy, practicality and aspiration.


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