Interior Design

What colours should I decorate my home?

Many people look for the answer in interior design magazines, on Pinterest or on Google.  However, the answer is right next to you – in your wardrobe.  Most likely what you are comfortable wearing – colours, patterns, style, you will feel comfortable living in.   For example, if you like plain and simple outfits, you probably won’t surround yourself with many bright geometric or floral patterns at your home.

Once you begin to understand the parallels between dressing yourself and dressing your home, it makes it much easier to focus on making the right choices.  In order for your home to feel comfortable and welcome, it must “fit” you in the same way that your suit does.

So next time you rush to check the top interior colours for 2021, perhaps have a quick peek through your wardrobe first.

Here are some photo examples of some interiors and their owners.

Images from Pinterest