Interior Design

Dogs and Interiors

Anyone who ever owned a dog can tell you:  they are much more than just pets, they are part of the family.    So, if you are designing your home it makes sense to take into account their needs.   There are many creative ideas on how to incorporate dog items into your home interiors. 


Food station 


The feeding station can be integrated into a kitchen cabinet or added to a kitchen island.  It’s important to design some additional storage space for all the food, delicious snacks, and treats.  




You can build a dog bed into a windowsill bench, bedside table, or build a dog house under the staircase.    If your dog likes to spend time in the living room, you can even get a stylish pet bed to match your sofa.  


Wash Station


If you like to take your dog out on wet muddy days, having a wash station is a game-changer.  They can be built in garages, utility rooms, or even in the hallway. 

Whatever you do, you can be sure that your pet will thank you for the love and care you give him.

Images from Pinterest