Interior Design

Texture in Interior Design

When you think about designing your dream home, it is important to understand how you want your house to look and feel. Obviously, choosing the right colours is very important, however, the texture is of equal significance.
Texture injects warmth or coolness into the room and is vital to creating the mood.  Textures also reflect light differently.  A velvet fabric absorbs light, whereas shimmering silk bounces it back into the room.

Textures can be hard or soft, rough or smooth, matt or gloss, opaque or transparent. Textures should work as a family, with each one infusing a layer of its own characteristics and complementing the others.  When building up texture within a room, you need to consider which ones will dominate and which will provide accents.  For example, in this project, the room is designed around rough bricks and exposed pipes, so we have introduced the accent of mirror, wood, and sheepskin.

The texture is also about touch.  It’s about the enjoyment of running fingers over different surfaces.  Think about running your hand along a rough wooden tabletop or walking on a soft silk rug.

Whatever texture you choose to decorate your home,  it is important to look at the room as a whole and bring an area together with different textures for vibrancy and warmth.