Interior Design

Designing a living room

A living room demands careful thoughts about how it is going to be used, by whom, and at what time of day.   The success of a well-designed living room lies in it being used on a regular basis.  Here are some basic tips that will help you create the space of your dreams.

Design a layout.  Unless you have a very small room, you should have two or three sitting areas.   Perhaps have a group of sofas or chairs in front of the fireplace and make another zone for watching tv.   You have to think carefully about how this room will be used in order to zone it effectively.

Once you zone your room, it will be easier to understand where lighting needs to go.  For example, if you choose to have floor-mounted sockets for lamps, you have to be certain that you won’t change their position once the floor has been cut in order to fit them.

Think about the position of the furniture.  Every chair or sofa needs to have a surface close at hand on which you can place a cup or a glass.  Storage space is also essential to provide a clutter-free solution for your room.

Don’t forget about practicalities.   Will you allow your dogs on the sofa?  Do you have teenage kids who like to eat popcorn in front of the TV?  Select textiles and finishes according to your lifestyle.

Choose the right rug size.  For example, you can place all furniture on the rug, or only the front legs of every piece of furniture on the rug.  Whatever layout you choose, it depends on the size of your room and the look you want to create.

Finally, give careful thought as to what art you would display in your room.  Art has the ability to transform a space and infuse it with personality.  Just remember – Invest in pieces you love!


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