Interior Design

Symmetry and Balance

Balance is an important component in all areas of life, including the spaces in which we live.

One of the biggest challenges in interior design is to find the right balance of colors, textures, lights, and proportions.

This is typically accomplished with symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance, and radical balance.

Symmetrical balance is used to gain visual balance within a design.

To achieve this you first have to place a focal point centrally – such as a bed within the bedroom or a fireplace within the living room – and work outwards from there.

This type of symmetry, where one side is almost a mirror image of the other evokes a sense of stability and dignity within a room.

Asymmetrical balance requires more careful thought and curation as it can be more challenging to achieve.

This approach tends to appear more eclectic, vibrant, and interesting.   Choosing individual pieces that are slightly different in style and size will result in a balanced and harmonious look.

Radical balance is used to highlight a particular element in a room – a special antique piece, a work of art, or a sculpture.

This balance is achieved by arranging items around a focal point so that the design elements radiate outwards.

All three types of symmetry have a purpose and importance.


images from : Pinterest, Facebook