Interior Design

Designing children’s room

Designing a kids’ room could be one of the most fun spaces in the house, however, sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming.

Here are some tips to create a space that your little one will love: 


Keep it simple. 

By keeping the colour neutral and the décor simple, the room can be easily updated as your child grows up without redecorating entirely from scratch each time. 

Consider the design of the rest of the house. 

A good place to start designing the room is to include colours and materials that are used throughout the house.  The child’s room should not contrast strongly with your home’s décor.  

Incorporate a workspace.  

For the study zone, you will need an armchair, desk, and proper lighting (desk lamp).  

Play with colours. 

You can inject excitement with an accent of bold colour on fabric, bed linen, lamps, and children’s toys.  It makes sense to keep the foundation of the room relatively calm and peaceful. 

Make the most of storage. 

In order to keep the room uncluttered, you should plan for plenty of storage for clothes, toys, and books.   When kids are very young, open shelves are great for storing toys and games; as they grow older, it can make way for books and schoolwork. 

Make it cosy. 

Kids love sitting on the floor, so it’s important to add a comfortable soft rug.  Carefully planned lighting will also make a room more inviting and cosy. 

Source: Pinterest