Interior Design

How to design the Entrance Hall

Your entryway might be one of the most important spaces in your home.  Many people overlook this area, however, it is one of the spaces that not only have to function efficiently but also has to be beautiful.  It is the place where you welcome people into your home, therefore it is a place where your home is making its first impression.  Although entry sizes and types vary from minuscule to large ones, each one serves the same purpose on a different scale.  Here are some tips on how to make it more stylish, welcoming, functional, and organized.

A place to sit.  Whether it is a simple bench or a soft velvet pouffe you need a convenient place to sit and put on shoes (most entryways end to miss it).

A place to store things.  A small console (with drawers!) is a perfect place to keep your keys, letters, dog leash, etc.

A Mirror.  First, a mirror helps to maximize the sense of space by bouncing light back into the room.  Second, it can give you the last glace at your lipstick or outfit.

A right amount of light.  Whether you want to create a focal point with a ceiling pendant light or make a statement with a beautiful chandelier, you need to remember that the right lighting can lift the space and make it feel brighter and more welcoming.

Add a bit of glamour.  Decorations such as ceramic bowls, decorative baskets, or trays can add some interest and create a layered comfortable look.

Last tip!  If your entrance hall has very little or no natural light, don’t be afraid to paint it in a dark colour.  It will exude glamour at the point of arrival and as a result, all the rooms leading off the hall will feel larger and lighter.


Images from Pinterest