You want to make sure that the rug in your space is as large as the room can handle.  One of the main functions of a rug is to pull the room together, not chop it up.  Nothing is worse than a postage stamp for a rug.  Make sure that at least two of the legs on each piece of
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Kitchen Trends 2020

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Using Dark tones for kitchen designs continues to be extremely popular in 2020.  The muted matte surfaces of dark stone and dark woods are incredibly beautiful when combined with clean modern lines.  These lines create a simple and sleek design, whilst still looking very trendy. Dark kitchen designs are best suited for large well-lit rooms and are a beautiful solution
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When looking at glamorous interiors on Pinterest, everyone dreams of living in a beautiful home, surrounded by gorgeous homeware.  However, if you are on a very tight budget, sadly you start convincing yourself that looking at the glamorous photos is the closest you can get to your dream home.  The good news is, you can actually find gorgeous yet affordable
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A coffee table provides an additional surface for displaying some of your favourite things. An important rule, which you should always remember – the items on your coffee table should feel layered, not cluttered. Designing a coffee table is similar to designing a room – you should start with bigger items, such as a large tray and coffee table books.
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