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Kitchen Trends 2020

Using Dark tones for kitchen designs continues to be extremely popular in 2020.  The muted matte surfaces of dark stone and dark woods are incredible beautiful when combined with clean modern lines.  These lines create a simple and sleek design, whilst still looking very trendy. Dark kitchen designs are best suited for large well-lit rooms and are a beautiful solution […]
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Top 8 Renovation Lessons

Lesson 1. Start by gathering your inspirations, collect images of anything that appeals to you.  However, you need to be realistic about the space you actually have to work with.  A huge kitchen island with beautiful pendants may be on your dream list, but if the shape of your room isn’t conductive to it, then you need to think about […]
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Home Staging

The concept of “home staging” has been around for many years, though it has never been as popular as it is today.   Staged homes help prospective buyers fall in love and make a buying decision.  Home Staging is the process of getting a house ready to be sold. People often confuse decorating and staging.  Staging is about strategic editing and […]
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